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Faces of WomanSpirit International Store Page

Welcome to the Faces of WomanSpirit product website. These products have been designed to honor and allow you to better know the Goddess and Her many guises.

Timeless Cryptograms of Healing® THE 72 NAMES OF GOD,
Healing Codes for Sacred Living.

New Tools for Healing!

"Timeless Cryptograms of Healing®
Healing Codes for Sacred Living.

Offered in several forms:

  A 155-page E-book for $19.95

  A Spiral Bound Book for $25.95

  A 3-Hole Notebook for $35.95



The Cryptograms put to sound:

Individual CDs are $20 + $3 S&H.

View or download PDF for meanings and descriptions of items to select from.

  - Entire Packet of 72 CDs - 
Price: $1,152 (a 20% discount); S&H $15.00

"Be The Living Tree" Book

New Book!

"Be The Living Tree: From Root to Fruit, You Are Divine"
Authored by Katherine Bell* Ph.D.

In Be the Living Tree, Dr. Katherine Bell* presents a look at the Tree of Life that transcends all religions and denominations, yet invokes the true spirit of religion by reminding us that WE ARE ALL THE LIVING TREE. Each and every one of us is the reflection and the action of the Great Creator. This books offers a positive and inspiring approach to reminding us all how to be, express and reflect the Power of Creating, that is encoded in every soul.

Students of Qabalah, Mysticism, and all forms of transpersonal wisdom will gain a lot from adding this book as a must-have for their library of learning...


WomanSpirit Tree of Life Study Sheet

New Study Sheet!

WomanSpirit Tree of Life
Study Sheet

(8.5 x 11 inches).

The is a beautifully designed high quality printed Study Sheet (mini poster), with descriptions on the reverse side about each Tree of Life sphere and the pathways.


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The Faces of WomanSpirit:

A Celtic Oracle of Avalon


medawcd.gif Meditation CD

Meditation Awareness
Learning to Meditate


Sacred Path Wheel

The Sacred Path Wheel is a wonderful map of the intelligence of your soul. You will receive a graphic of the wheel and a typewritten report. Please allow 3 - 6 weeks for delivery.


Soul Magic
Understanding Your Journey


Healing Meditation CD

Healing Meditation - Meeting Your Inner Healer


Faces of WomanSpirit Coloring Book


Astrological Spiritual Counseling

Deep understanding of your inner plan and soul promise can be explored through Astrological Spiritual Counseling. Discover how your soul uses constellations, universal energy, and spiritual intent for life purpose Take a deeper look at yourself, your pattern of wealth, health, career, relationships, right place to live, soul evolution, and the progressive process you connect with yearafter- year.

Please Note: When you sign up for your personal astrology reading(s), Katherine will be contacting you personally by phone or email. She will want to obtain your Date of Birth, the City and State of your Birth, and the Time of your Birth. She will also let you know the date she will be working on your chart. An audio CD will be created, as she weaves the information of your life into Your Story. Thank you for your interest in your Soul Print wisdom as see in Astrology.

Natal Astrology

From your Natal Chart Katherine moves into the awareness of your personal intent to develop during this lifetime. These sessions are informative and reveal the blueprint of your cosmic patterns imprinted at birth. Progressive or transit charts overview each year provide insight of the year to come - $125.00

Annual Progressed
Natal, Annual Progressed and Transit information combined.

Reviewing your compatibility with others assists in strengthening any relationship.


Understanding the influence of vibrations with yourself and the land helps you move to the most supporting area in the world.

Soul Evolution

Soul Evolution depicts the destiny of your soul lesson during this incarnation.

Spiritual Purpose.

Spiritual purpose helps you become aware of your Higher Self and higher intent while passing through this incarnation, and provides insight to your gifts as a healer, psychic, or mystic. Know the agreement you made with the Universe at the time your birth. Follow the path your soul is taking through any given time by the transit counsel.

Sacred Covenant with Source

Sacred Astrology, through a Tree of Life Review. An examination of your Birth Chart, how it relates to the Laws, Intelligence, Colors, Animal, Plant and Mineral process revealed through Qabalah, are brought to life in this chart. You are more able to see the Covenant you have with Source.

Needed: Your date, time and place of birth. Call 800-499-2353 to schedule an appointment. Member: American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), ISAR, AFAN and San Diego Astrological Society (SDAS, former Vice President).

Return policy - Return unopened products within 7 days for a full refund. Any damaged products must be returned within 7 days for a full refund or exchange.

*Formerly known as Katherine Torres.