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New Moon - November 18, 2017


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New Moon - November 18, 2017

COSMIC INFLUENCE - New Moon November 18, 2017

In the wee hours of the morning, 4:42:03 a.m. MST to be exact, the Sun and Moon are joined together in Scorpio. Also aligned in Scorpio are Venus and Jupiter. Light and dark are joining forces and aiding us in deepening our inner wisdom as we discover greater resources of our Divine Self, our passion, and our higher purpose.

Scorpio takes the rap for the darkness and Jupiter begins the expansion of light. Venus reminds us to know our worth, our purpose and our passion (as does Scorpio). This New Moon is a great time to seed our impassioned desires with the Light of Higher Purpose and prepare to see them expand through our human endeavors.

The Sabian Symbol message of the Sun and Moon at 26 degrees 19 minutes in Scorpio reads: “A military band on the march.” Military, marching, and band provide a vision of precision, unity, and celebration. To march with exactness requires awareness, good balance, and maintaining the ability to keep in step with others. Inappropriate actions of one that make the team of marchers loose their precision, creates disharmony and chaos.

With that said, is there precision we all need right now to march with the inner power of our soul? Are we trying to march to a different beat than our higher self is asking? In order to connect to the soul voice within, we are called to reach into the darkness of our internal consciousness. We may not readily listen to, know about, or feel it on a daily basis. It takes practice, purpose, and a desire to do so. Scorpio energy helps us do just that. Jupiter helps us contract and move our mind within so we may expand the inner knowledge and cultivate it in our ordinary reality. Venus guides us to foster the growth and nurture our inner relationship to our higher self.

The Moon and Sun are casting favorable light to Chiron (retrograde in Pisces) encouraging the grace of healing old wounds. As we experience this arc of energy, we can also move deeper into the sacred wisdom of Divinity. If we are not using our intuition (moon) and our heart-mind (Sun), we can guide ourselves into the illusion of desires of “wanna be” rather then the reality of a higher truth (Pisces). We might need a bit of agitation to keep us alert and awake.

Mars in Libra is agitating Pluto in Capricorn, and thus aiding the power to be alert and awake. We are called to form an active (Mars) relationship (Libra) with our power to transmute (Pluto) our position of inner authority (Capricorn). When we let this cosmic power guide us, we can do that. We can take the true authority of our higher self, call it forward in our cognitive consciousness, and purposefully live it in the wide open expression of our daily activities.

Mercury in Sagittarius is arcing a light to Mars in Libra, helping us maintain a higher mental attention to living in a passionate relationship with our higher essence. Mercury is gaining a closeness to Saturn in Sagittarius, thus using the power to create the right discipline to keep the focus on our impassioned higher self, rather than dipping into the sludge of fear.

Fortunately, Saturn is arcing a flow with Uranus (retrograde in Aries). Together they are supporting change in unexpected ways. The retrograde essence of Uranus allows us to take a few moments, at least, to think before we leap into action and assure ourselves that we can move in positive new directions of consciousness.

Venus and Jupiter are sharing the wisdom that keeps us from getting stuck in darkness. As they bring love, benevolence and the desire to travel through corridors of wisdom, they arc lights to Neptune (retrograde in Pisces). They are sending their vibrations that present us with the courage to seek wisdom of the great mysteries, compassion of the Creator, and sacredness in living.

May the vibrations of the New Moon encourage all to agree to enter the deeper river of consciousness that leads us to greater knowledge of our Divine Self. May we prepare to enter the land of gratitude and support of all that is good.

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