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New Moon in Aries - March 27 2017


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New Moon in Aries - March 27 2017

Cosmic Notes - New Moon

At 8:57:08 p.m., Mountain States Time, the exact moment of the New Moon occurs. This is seed-planting time for the lunar month. The seeds planted with the Aries Moon/Sun conjunction needs our devout attention….for action of our seeds is surely to move quickly into our realm, by the intentions we focus on. Be attentive, be clear, and be concise – shall be our motto for this lunar month.

The Sun and Moon meet at 7 degrees 37 minutes of the Aries pathway. Also making a journey through Aries is Mercury, Uranus, and Venus (retrograde). This is an incredible time to keep our eyes focused on the Sight the Divine has for the future. It is a time of breaking down to refine and rebuild in order to perfect our desires. It is a time in which we can work with the Divine Intelligence to reset the matrix of our intention for 2017 and clear anything from the design that will not work for us. We are working within the kiln of life to create our perfect outcome.

The Sabian message of the Sun and Moon is: “A large hat with streamers flying toward the East.” Just as Aries is a New Beginning as we live in the influence of Spring, the East represents new beginnings, new ideas, and influences coming from the Masters of a higher order. The wind is the breath of life and streamers are blown by that breath helping us connect to the higher influence. This influence can bring us the renewal of our desires we are cultivating.

The Sun and Moon are always opposite the Earth, who is riding the field of Libra and its Sabian message is: “A blazing fireplace in a deserted home.” A warm hearth waiting for its inhabitants. It is a call to find the place of one’s foundation. The smoke that billows from the chimney is similar to the streamers. Both flowing, like ideas ready to be captured and brought home.

The hat and chimney are “that which captures” the energy of the Divine Thought and allowing the creative ideas to grow. Grow with a flare of the freedom of allowing thoughts to pass through, instigate, and be influenced by the flare of the Divine Mind. For the hat on one’s head symbolizes the ability to direct our thoughts through the seat of higher awareness. It also symbolizes containing our thoughts. On the side of challenge, it can be the center thought of not being worthy of receiving the Divine Intelligence through our channel of thinking.

Mercury and Uranus (Grandfather of Mercury) will give you the sense of being blessed by the expression of the Divine. This will activate unique and stylish thoughts that immediately direct our actions. Venus (presently in retrograde), will call on us to pause, feel, cultivate and nourish the Divine Intention before rushing off with willy-nilly thoughts. Will we use this Aries power with a high intention or a personal need “to get and to have?” Or, will we use this power to formulate the right ideas from Divine inspiration and remember to cultivate it to share with others in such a way we fertilize and nurture all life?

I find it interesting that Jupiter, retrograde in Libra, is opposing Uranus, squaring Pluto in Capricorn, but in a sextile Saturn in Sagittarius. Here are where my thoughts roam with this configuration, especially given the state of our world. Jupiter is an active ruler of Judges. Libra is a sign of Lawyers, Saturn is a ruler of Laws, and Capricorn is the Ruler of Governments and Laws. As Jupiter is opposing Uranus and Mecury, this is an indication that action can be held back while the oscillation of review, assess and then take on the movement of change can occur. But it must be done under the rule of Justice (Libra). Jupiter working along side the Task Master, Saturn, in the sign of Judges and Courts (Sagittarius), opens the doorway of opportunities to evaluate the benefits of laws to be reviewed and perhaps altered. While in the challenging of irritations and agitation with Pluto in the sign of Governments and Laws (Capricorn), Jupiter will indeed keep the focus on what is truth, what is compassion, what is beneficial and what will create an injustice. Jupiter will ask all to temper their thinking (opposing Mercury in Aries) and not jump to any conclusions until the right action can occur.

Saturn does challenge the Sun and the Moon, calling our attention to not get into “lofty ideas,” but to get into the Action that is well governed by the needs of humanity. Saturn is in a Grace Pattern with Mercury and Uranus, thus encouraging ideas that can be far reaching for the individual as well as the world.

Neptune and Chiron remain in compassionate Pisces, wanting to save the world from old mistakes, old wounds, and old beliefs. May we respond with well-being and well-doing as the North Moon Node in Virgo reminds us to heal and serve and the South Moon Node reminds us to remember we are One Humanity and it is important to move out of illusion and into true compassion for the Divine intention to emerge.

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