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New Moon April 26 2017


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New Moon April 26 2017

Cosmic Vibrations

April 26, 2017 at 6:16:03 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time marks the moment the Moon and the Sun occupy Taurus at 6 degrees 27 minutes. Earth rides in the opposite sign of Scorpio at the same degrees and minutes. Life flooding the fields and death in the shadows of peat moss. What will we choose to grow and what will we choose to transform during this lunar month? Taurus calls for us to have ears to listen, and most particularly to our soul voice. Scorpio asks us to hear the passion of our soul as it readies for a major shift in its evolutionary process. The Moon and Sun are the leaders and what can we learn in this Taurus energy of determination, stick-to-itness, and cultivating power? Perhaps a look at the Sabian messages will give us a glimpse.

The message for the Sun and Moon states, “A woman of Samaria,” while the message for the Earth states, “Deep-sea divers.” So perfect for this lunar cycle. The woman was met by Jesus at the well. The Well, is a profound place in many philosophies, it is the place to meet Spirit, to reveal our face in the water of life, to dip into the profound wisdom of the Divine. It is the place to refresh ourselves. Jesus revealed the Messiah Light to her. Not only was this a gift of his highest essence, but a revealer of her highest essence. The moment of a deep abiding awareness occurs, a profound truth revealed.

The opposite message of the Deep-see divers call all of us to know a truth. Our Taurus time frame is a great message of growth, manifestation, and living the powers we called forth as we started our year; at least to start picking some of the flowers of our creative production. However, it is important to realize that an inner part of our selves remains in need to cultivate by diving into the core of our essence.

As a deep-sea diver (Ocean of Consciousness–Well of Knowledge) we must be prepared in order to endure the underwater-scape (our fears and phobias). We need to know how we can handle the realm of the unconscious. We must have the right mental and emotional equipment. We must know what we are seeking….Truth or something we believe will make us rich in human trades, rather than rich in spiritual knowing. For in the Truth of Spiritual Knowing all forms of riches can occur and be sustained; yet first we must know our True Spirit. If we are the seekers of the Well of Knowledge, we must be prepared to realize that a greater transformation of our inner world will take place and the forms that stomp out our Truth will be revealed in order to change and reach the true self – the Messiah within. Drink of the Water of Life and drink in the power of your Inner Being.

Immediately, we see the opposition of Sun/Moon to Earth may be a challenge, yet it carries rewards. Ultimately the reward is the seeds of soul intention rise up from the peat moss, and are revealed. With the Taurus power, we become great gardeners and can produce the living quality of our soul essence….we can reveal our own Mastery. Worthiness, talents, abundance and more will be recognizable and utilized in this realm of matter.

Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in retrograde. Each in its own right call us inward. Contemplating who we are, how we are relating, where we are going, and to what depths we will allow ourselves to change are assisted through these vibratory patterns of the Universe. Will we express benevolently? Will we form a new order that will allow the souls of humanity to rise into a greater knowing? It is always up to us. We have the vibrations to help us cultivate the garden and bring these flowers of consciousness to be seen, enjoyed, and used to embellish the greater purpose of life.

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