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Cosmic View - New Moon July 23, 2017


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Cosmic View - New Moon July 23, 2017

At 3:45:30 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time, the Moon joins the Sun at 00 degrees 44 minutes of Leo. A powerful alignment that stirs all of us into the action of Self. We most certainly will need to double check our lower ego state that may want to be the only one that others see as the most important person in the room. However, if you are a shy character, this can be a wonderful time to be seen as important as you display your confidence!

We enter the field of highly creative moments and receive accolades for what we have harvested through our talents. Most certainly, it is a good time to enjoy, be playful and open for creative inspiration. Of course, there is a forewarning within this New Moon energy……

The Sabian Message cornered by the Sun and Moon states: “An Epidemic of Mumps.” Oh, my an infectious moment that crosses into the field of everyone susceptible to contagious events. Our community, country and world are in the field of exposure . It stirs the challenge of being argumentative, moody, and silently aggravated. In the garden of our lives, these are weeds of destruction to be culled.

With this Sabian vibration, we can make conscious positive changes and release infectious creative ideas, love beyond measure, and joy that brings pleasure to our community, country and world.

The Sun and Moon in Leo are connected with Mars, who is also under the realm of the Sabian symbol. Thus, we need to watch aggressive attitudes and move into creative action. What will aid these more positive actions will be to take time to relax, play, and delight in the Sun Light of Summer.

The Moon, Sun and Mars are all arching challenges to Uranus with the Sun and Moon challenging Neptune. Ultimately, it is a challenge to all to become free and easy in the Ocean of Creativity. It is a reminder that we cannot “sleep” through the energy of creation. We can use Neptune to remind us to reverse our challenging feelings. Uranus can give us the push to unleaseh the energy within us.

The three team members (Moon, Sun, Mercury) are also arching positive grace to Chiron; creating a blessing of healing the wounds of aggravation and moodiness. Calming the field of arguments and discord, Chiron’s flow through Pisces calls on the greater inner-healer to emerge and bless our personal world and greater world.

Uranus has the grace of creative thoughts emerging as Mercury in Leo activate ideas. Use them. Uranus also creates a grace to Saturn in Sagittarius (Retrograde), reminding us to check out where are thoughts are drifting and note if they are on the journey of creative ideas, or so quick to pass through our mind we take the risk of losing an inspiration. Uranus sends a slight bit of agitation to Neptune, again calling on action in the realm of creative use of the Divine Consciousness. No going to sleep! Do something with the inner urges of creativity.

Venus in Gemini, releasing the Laws of Creative Imagination and the Attraction, sends vibes of positive energy and grace to Jupiter in Libra; while at the same time opposing the field of Saturn. In challenge to Saturn, she will call for the breakdown of old structures that can keep you from traveling into the realm of positive relationships. Venus to Jupiter will guide the romantic waves of light, the pull toward togetherness, and the ability to draw unto you the blessings of relating. Jupiter strikes a challenge to Pluto in Capricorn…calling forth the risk of change when the challenges of this New Moon take hold. Courage to tell the truth when you allow your inner confidence to come forward can create an opportunity for positive discussions (if you allow).

Blessings of First Harvest on this New Moon. It is the time to be grateful to the Creator for all you are manifesting in your life now.

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