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Cosmic Influence of New Moon - March 17, 2018


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Cosmic Influence of New Moon - March 17, 2018

So much goes on in the sphere of the stars and planets and the sky of this New Moon is no different. We are preparing for another retrograde of Mercury. In fact we are in its shadow as it appears to slow down, on March 24 we acknowledge it is retrograde, then, Apr 16 it returns to forward motion again. However, it won’t return to it point of initiating the retrograde until May 3rd. Thus we have quite a bit to review and get back on track with our thoughts becoming active expressions in our personal reality.

New Moon reveals the Moon and Sun are at 26 degrees 53 minutes in Pisces. We will be a bit dreamy. We will have the blessings of recognizing how we all are part of the whole. As the two square Mars, we may feel the need to be spiritual warriors for the entire world. A challenge may be that we are influenced by the entire world and not be able to make our own decisions. As Chiron is just a couple of degrees ahead of these two luminaries, we surely will feel the world-wide wounds of society. Yet, we are called to move into the active realities of self in relationship with the whole and maintain a strength in our personal qualities of truth and integrity while our whole world looks for the power of change that Mars can bring as it continues to finish its journey in Sagittarius and prepares to enter Capricorn by March 18th (where its power is exalted).
Interestingly the Sabian symbol message of the Sun and the Moon is “Harvest Moon.” Perhaps a great question to ask is what are we as a collective humanity harvesting? And “what am I harvesting.”

Since Mars is the great field of activity with the Moon and Sun, its Sabian Message is, “The Pope blessing the faithful.” What active blessings will we see during this vital initiation of the New Moon and its lunar cycle. For the Pope represents our Higher Self. Mars within Sagittarius has been asking us to actively seek higher wisdom. Have you been faithful in doing so? Look for your blessings. When Mars enters Capricorn, we may feel the blessing from our Inner Pope.

Venus, Mercury and Uranus are all in the active field of Aries. The Moon will join them quite soon during this day. This stellium can stir your creative ideas and desires to share them with the rest of the world. Ideas will flow fast, but may get stuck in the, “How do I achieve this creative flow for manifestation?” This occurs because Venus is challenging the field of Saturn in Capricorn and since she is tightly connected with Mercury and Mercury is slowing down, you may be stifled for a bit. What to do? Let time pass, let ideas roam through your creative process and then taken off with the unique plan that surfaces from your inner wisdom.

Since Jupiter in Scorpio (retrograde) has a flow of energy coming from the Moon and Sun, calling for ease and grace, use this blessing. Go inside and hear the message of Great Mystery and then expand it through the creative ideas and impulses you receive.

Keep in mind that challenges are the agitations that ask for change and forethought that will help you make the change(s) that appear in your world. Challenge does not have to look like defeat. They are the blessings that provide moments of review, contemplation and new actions.

Enjoy another wonderful lunar month that is leading us into Spring Equinox and fresh new grow.

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