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Cosmic Influence - New Moon/Solar Eclipse Aug 21 2017


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Cosmic Influence - New Moon/Solar Eclipse Aug 21 2017

By now all are likely “so ready” to experience the Solar Eclipse, that you want it to happen now. Excitement is mounting. Many travelers are going to point in the U.S. where the eclipse will be most prominently seen, colleges are using this as an incredible time to teach of this wondrous event, and everyone of us will be gaining an inner urge to “come inside.”

August 21, 2017 at 12:30:05 pm Mountain Daylight Time will be the initiation of the Eclipse as its swath of no light creates a path across the U.S., the likes that has not been seen for 100 years. While the Sun and Moon will be in Leo at 23 degrees 52 minutes, they will be opposite the Earth who is riding the vibrations of Aquarius. Leo and Aquarius are called the axis of Love: Love for self and Love for all others. During an eclipse, this is shadowed, yet, deeply within ourselves, we are called to examine this position of love. Ah, so needed. May we truly know that the love of self allows us to love all others. May we come to the expression of that love in all that we do as the light is recovered.

I always acknowledge that a Solar Eclipse can create inner changes, but they may not come into our awareness for a year…the return to the same time and place in the Sky where it began. Yet what is turning within is working nonetheless. This eclipse, New Moon, is the third New Moon of 4 that occur between the Solar Eclipse and the Autumnal Equinox. Ominous, yes! Powerful, if we let it be. It will call us into more inner reflection and the power to know our soul journey with greater clarity.

Before I repeat what I have written in the New Moon Letter, let me share the wisdom of the Sabian Message of this union of the Moon and Sun in Leo: “A Yogi, with transcendent Powers – yet untidy, unkempt.” (Noted by Dane Rudhars, THE WHEEL OF SIGNIFICANCE). It reminds us we need the inner focalizing without worry of the untidy self. It is a message that calls for Self-abnegation: one’s ability to renounce the limited reality of our being and enter the states of nonordinary consciousness. This gift is to know we are One with/As the Creator. From this state, the limited realities carry no further judgment, worry, or consternation. It simply, “does not matter.” We are enraptured in the Divine Love, radiate that through our personal being and to the world. How might we reach this state? Perhaps the gift of this Solar Eclipse will make it easier.

From a Leo Standpoint, we can review the challenges and focus on the positive through our individual selves:


Leo’s challenges include egotistical, “I’m better than you are,” expressions.
We can bring the lower ego into action and believe we are in charge and narcissistically play a negative role in our relationship with self and others. We won’t play fair with others we encounter from our home, work environment, our country, and our world. We can be committed only to our own selfish needs to the grief of those we relate to on a daily basis.


We can rise up and take on the powerfully positive consciousness of Leo: Love, Love, Love. The commitment to do good, live in positive fairness for all and patiently unfold what is to occur. We can create new ways to interact in union with all people and their talents, joining the forces of our talent to create a better world. We can express the “stick-to-it” attitudes to bring forth what is right and just, and radiate a heart-filled love and loyalty to all. We can set the flame of the heart as an example for the children of the world to know we are caring for their generation, and generations to come.

In the Leo vibration, we are all called to be proud of who we are in honor of our Soul and the Spirit of the Divine living through our personality. This is a humble pride; a knowing of a sacred truth that it is important to feel positive with our own self and release unworthiness.

As we enter a Solar Eclipse, we can hold to an awareness that the Light is hidden for a while. The Sun Light refers to the Divine, to our Higher Self, and to the Higher Wisdom of Collective Consciousness (or to the ego that wants to keep controlling). To eclipse these fields is to call us all within to work with the power of the Divine inner quality of our being, review what we have been cultivating for our harvest, and make positive adjustments that can lead us through a Year and a Day with an open heart and mind. In fact, not only the Sun is eclipsed, calling us within, but there are five planets in retrograde as we encounter the New Moon that further increases our need to review:

* Mercury is Retrograde in Virgo, calling us to go into an internal reflection of our self, our attitude of service to others, our well being, and the well being of our world. It is a call to know how we maintain thoughts our let them flow away into the land of deception–our head games.

* Saturn is in Retrograde in Sagittarius, reminding us to let go of structures that limit us from a higher consciousness, cause us to judge, and keep us from a deeper wisdom of the Universality of our essence.

* Pluto is Retrograde in Capricorn. This is a major review of our ability to change the collective field and our beliefs in how we administer our laws, our success, and our achievements for the greater good. This pathway of Pluto in Capricorn began when President Obama was inaugurated the first time.

Pluto in Capricorn is a bit of a plague on our country and our world, challenging us to the core of humanity to live with a reputation of love, good for all, and achievements the likes we have never seen. Or, we can create a reputation of hatefulness, injustices, and the darkness of separation from the Divine. This retrograde may release the energy to transform through the shadow of humanity in order to transmute and prepare for the transfiguration of light–the true awareness that we are sacred beings with the honor to care for our physical world as a Spiritual Entity.

* Neptune is Retrograde in Pisces. Mercury and Neptune are in opposition. Mercury is called into the depth of service to all life through the siren of Neptune. The concern is how our minds might just get lost in the oceans of the collective thinking. Yet, the call is to create a greater healing through new thoughts, new attitudes, and the wisdom of compassion through the power of serving others.

* Chiron, also in Pisces, is Retrograde. This ancient wisdom of healing to the core of our soul is in a Trine to Venus, using her energy to help us care, cultivate, and relate as one Human family (Venus is in Cancer). May we keep the family feuds at bay and seek to bring the humanitarian note that it is time to heal at all levels. The Moon and Sun are in a quincunx to Chiron…a challenge for hearing the direction of the Higher Consciousness of the Sun and Moon. With Chiron in Pisces, it may cause more of illusional states; thinking we are healing when we are not.

* Uranus is Retrograde in Aries. What a blessing. It will slow down the aggressive, quick to react reality. That is my prayer. The blessing is that the Moon and Sun are in trine to Uranus–giving the grace to respond to the Higher Intention to live proud of being a human caring, loving and sharing with all. They call us to know the I AM in the field of the transpersonal consciousness and bring it back to Earth so we may form a new and loving way of being merciful in all we do.

The North and South Moon Node play an important role as well. The North Moon Node (call to our future) is in Leo; the South Moon Node (wisdom we carry from other incarnations) is in Aquarius. It is the continuous reminder of the importance of love. As a collective field of evolution, we know how to be free, loving and respecting all for their uniqueness, and being able to be detached from excessive need to be selfish, or make everyone else be the same. While the North Node that is an energy calling us into a future, it calls us to bring that Universal Love into our own being, then share it with all in our personal circle and beyond. It reminds us that this is a cosmic rhythm of light revealed the power to be creators, to know we are important, and to give of ourselves in ways that can team up with others in fun, care and nurturing ways. Get into the rhythm and flow with self love and love of all others….and be detached. We do not need to attach to an outcome, “Did they get it? With they change? Will they feel loved? Will they enjoy life? It is none of our business. In the path of giving and sharing love, it is the positive field of letting it flow and unfold in its own evolution. As the Yogi, we simply let go and allow.

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