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Cosmic Influence - New Moon - Solar Annular Eclipse


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Cosmic Influence - New Moon - Solar Annular Eclipse

We enter a time of the New Moon on February 26, 2017 at 7:58:18 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. This is a great time to contemplate what we desire to unfold through a lunar month. It is a time to hear the inner guidance and realize the Universe aids us through the Planets and Stars in our Galaxy. We can set a focus and flow with intent. A little more information of a way to set an intent is to review the information of the Moon Mother Musing on this website page: http://facesofwomanspirit.com/monthly.php.

For now, let’s look at what the astrological review looks like for the initiating of the New Moon. It is another intense energy field as the focus is on so many planets are within the Pisces field and there is a Solar Annular Eclipse. As the Earth moves right between the Sun and the Moon, we will have the feeling that our emotions run amuck, our thoughts and intuition seem to be out of check, and our sense of self may feel as though it is lost. At the time of the New Moon, 7:48:18 a.m. a Ring of Fire occurs. The Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and a ring of fire is seen around the Sun for a small amount of time. We in Northern America will not see it. However the tip of South America and Africa will. Though we will not see it in America, we will feel the effect of the energy and it will stir us for at least six months.

New Moon time finds the Sun and Moon at 8 degrees 12 minutes in Pisces (#8 - Take Self Dominion; #12, Reverse any trend that stifles your spiritual harmony). Mercury, the South Moon Node, Neptune and Chiron are all traveling through the Piscean court of consciousness. We have an overdose of Piscean energy. We will float through the realms of our consciousness or be smart enough to find the boat of concentration that can guide us through the influences of this energy.

The Sabian message of the Moon and Sun conjoined tell us that personal innovation can occur, if we can “jockey” through our challenges. Arofessional jockey can ride a thoroughbred with great states of awareness, union with the “feel” of the horse, and awareness of the field they will traverse. The power beneath them (the movement and energy of the horse) guides them into an opportunistic position to reach their goal—-win the race. What power do have in the flow of Pisces? The Power of Oneness. How can you go wrong if you feel the power beneath you that guides you to the very goal of your desires?

All of the Piscean energy is a call to Universal Oneness and Compassion. However, it also warns us of the chances we may fall into illusion and think the ride of the race is all about winning rather than the power of innovative qualities we have within. Be of good care. Mercury in Pisces can assist us with tremendous intuition and imagination, but it can also guide us right into the inability to know our own thoughts and take the risk of living the thoughts of others.

Neptune in Pisces can guide us into the underworld of illusion, and be taken into the undercurrents of the collective field of humanity. Thus we believe others truth and not listen when a warning is occurring and fall into the habits, addictions, and performances of a group, rather than be a good listener for sharing, understanding and deciphering what fits our inner truth.

Chiron in Pisces may bring up old, deep rooted emotional pains, if we are living in our states of illusion and take us beyond our higher reason, guiding us, easily into the depths of our emotional turmoil.

Three planets are dancing through the Zodiac sign of Aries: Venus, Mars and Uranus (with the later two in a conjunction and opposing Jupiter in Libra (Retrograde). They all want to get going, be on the move, get into desires, act now, and spontaneously move into something without a deep gift of thinking and feeling its truth first. As they are opposing retrograde Jupiter in Libra…that strongest dissonance will be felt in relationships. Benevolent Jupiter will be a bit without its power as it retrogrades. Relationships may appear to collapse. Be sure it is not collapsing into illusion as a challenge occurs for Jupiter as it reaches for intuitive insights from the Moon, and Cognitive awareness through the Sun. Falling into illusion through the gateway of Neptune may occur because Jupiter will not be “picking up the vibs” from Neptune with any clarity. Squaring Pluto in Capricorn will not be of much help…the messages will seem to always be saying something may be dark and wrong or get on with it and figure it all out later.

Jupiter has many gifts that we will have to seek while in retrograde. Carrying the Law of Contractions and expansion, in retrograde it is a call to come within before taking any action. A call of inner dwelling. May the gift of inner dwelling guide you to the right alliance through the influence of a challenging New Moon. May you know the indwelling Jehovah–the Divine Master that you are.

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