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Cosmic Influence: - New Moon of Cancer


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Cosmic Influence: - New Moon of Cancer


June 23, 2017 at 8:30:37 p.m. MDT, the moon meets with the Sun. Both are at 2 minutes 47 seconds in Cancer. They initiate a month of nurturing and compassion as well as birthing and fulfillment of dreams that began when they met in Capricorn six months ago.

At new moon, we flow into a dreamscape and intentional thoughts as Mercury and Mars in Cancer ramp up the field of action at new moon. What a gift, dream, focus and passion all wrapped in the cocoon of Cancer. Great time to dream and manifest your dream as Cancer prepares to give us the gift of birthing desires.

The Moon and Sun are aided in their giving energy through the Sabian Message of: A man bundled up in fur leading a shaggy dear. Oh, so many possibilities of energy assistance with this message. A coming together and releasing the old are messengers of this Sabian symbol. Keeping warm—perhaps keeping warm-hearted presents an edict of living. Uniting is a further message. Man-to-woman; ego-to-higher self creating a union of human and spirit.

Though challenges occur during this month of gentle Cancer, there are options within the vibrant guidance of the planets as they release energy to each other from the corners of the zodiac. The Moon and Sun encourage Mercury to form a strong, conscious use of one’s imagination and intuition. Communication with others will be done with feeling….something everyone desires.

Mercury aids the power of Mars to continue the communication with a thought-provoking discussion of ideas, feeling and passionate connections. Put that together with the Sun and Moon and a union can occur that clarifies and unifies.

Mars in Cancer challenges Jupiter in Libra and impedes impulsiveness so the goals you desire can be felt with clarity. This can create an opening to true expressions of reaching your goals with those you love. The blessings of family and loved ones can help ease challenges or aid in increasing them. Important to pay attention and not rush into anything.

Mars opposes Pluto in Capricorn and the intensity to make changes occur. Be sure your emotions are under your control so arguments do not get in the way of change. As Pluto is involved, the world at large needs temperance as this opposition can create violence. As Mars is in Cancer (the sign of the USA) and Pluto in Capricorn (challenging the changes in our government), we must take on the power of nurturing and compassion to make changes and avoid further turbulence and disorder.

Venus in Taurus presents the flow of Divine Grace with Pluto. Together they bring commitment to defend the right for harmony in human relationships. May they instigate peace, growth and union with a passion to turn personal and worldly relationships into new and creative means for harmony.

Mars presents the flow of Divine grace to Neptune in Pisces. Creative and inspiring energy is released. May the sound of the Divine move through the essence of every individual and continue the flow of compassion.

Jupiter influences Neptune and is initiating the power of service that can create harmony rather than one overstepping their personal boundary or the boundary of others. When this occurs, further blessings bring about union, creative harmony, and the good for all.

Saturn in Sagittarius is arching lights to Uranus in Aries. Diagnosing new and creative ideas will lead the way to achieving ones ideals.

Chiron in Pisces is being challenged by the Sun, Moon, and Saturn. If your inner wounds are coming to the surface, take the helm and create the changes. You are not a victim if you choose to see the light of actions, karmic events, and the power to choose a different plan for living empowered. You can and do take charge of your life by changing into the harmonious understanding of what choices you can make and use of attitudes for a healthy self worth.

Use the power of Nurturing and Compassion with your self and others and help create the flow of loving honor for all.

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