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Cosmic Influence - New Moon May 25, 2017


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Cosmic Influence - New Moon May 25, 2017

At 1:44:22 pm MDT the New Moon occurs. The Moon teams up with the Sun as they both align at 4 Degrees 46 Minutes of Gemini..the Twins. This is a time to be Mindful! It is a time to realize we are working in the field of Great Thinking and unifying our mind with the Divine Mind, or Twisting and Flitting Mentally. Mars remains in Gemini, thus the Fast Mind is at work and being decisive within the bounds of truth and clarity will take a greater focus on our part.

Mars is opposing the disciplined consciousness of Saturn (in retrograde) traveling through Sagittarius. A bit of a continued challenge as Saturn loses power in retrograde and most assuredly in a fiery sign. Watch out for mental burn-out when you try to work too hard at thinking without mindfulness. Mars is aided in the power of quick thinking and creative ideation as it forms a positive flow with Uranus jetting through Aries. Unique and awesome ideas can show up (but die out just as quickly if mindfulness is avoided).

The Sabian Message of the Sun and the Moon is, “A radical magazine.” Yes, it is a periodical that reports extreme points of view intended to stir the emotional and cognitive level to seek change. We seem to be quite influenced by these vibrations in our world today. However, is there a benefit from revolutionary writing and inciting messages? Within the vibration of this Sabian gift is the power to stir the creative genius that can help change the old patterns and fire up new realities. It is a call for the “Now; Newness, and Nuances” of higher wisdom to be used to create our New World.

To urge us to attention, the Moon and Sun are in a minor challenge with Mercury, who is flowing direct again in the sign of Taurus. Where the Moon and the Sun want to be free-thinking, in a realm of ungrounded thought, Mercury creates a bit of irritation, calling for grounded awareness of what benefits lie before us if we use our power to diligently think things through before we take a leap into actions that are not fully thought out.

Furthermore, Moon and Sun challenge Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. They are stirring the elements that will help use the wisdom of Allness (Pisces) and the qualities of the Rules of Governing (Capricorn), asking for major changes in our entire world. If they answer to the challenges, then the decisive energy of the higher frequency of Gemini can guide the world into a masterful place of right use of wisdom.

The Grace of the Universe is stirred as the Moon and Sun arch a higher will to Jupiter in Libra asking for Right Justice through the Grace of Benevolent choices that can harmonize a world in rift. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all in Retrograde motion, calling for deeper inner contemplation and learning how to make the changes that will support humanitarian healing for everyone. After all, it is beyond time to recognize we are One Human Family and being aware that our Cosmic Destiny (Chiron in Pisces) is to heal the world and return to our Divine Sense of Love, Liberty and Living as though All Life Matters.

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