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Cosmic Influence -New Moon January 16, 2018


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Cosmic Influence -New Moon January 16, 2018

Wow, my birth country, Capricorn, is filled by 6 influencing energies: Moon, Sun, Venus, Pluto, Mercury and Saturn. Power is prevalent on the new moon at 7:17:08 p.m. Mountain Standard Time. These planetary energies are ready to take action within the strength and the foundation of Capricorn. In fact, January 16th is my birthday…what an incredible time I’m ready to initiate and experience.

Capricorn provides the understanding of how to be an incredible achiever. The Goats powerful ability to climb to the top of the mountain is a fit description of Capricorn consciousness. It is the “stick to it until it is complete,” qualities that bring out the power of success. Being very responsible is a trait of Capricorn. Being serious, determined and dedicated encourage the nature of responsibility. Seeking the highest and best is an obvious drive. Blessings within Capricorn is the gift of mirth –the ability to laugh and be amused and amusing. Thank God/Goddess for this trait otherwise one takes their own self too seriously and this can surely happen with this New Moon with the stellium of 6 planets traversing its field.

Of course, this energy will have a very strong effect on our entire world. At New Moon it sets and energy to unfold. Interestingly, as we watch our government and governments around the world twitch, challenge and be challenged, and create the “who will achieve?” the success of their country or the success of the individual in charge of their countries desires, Capricorn is the field to bring it all to the top of the peak. May we pray for positive achievements!

Everyone in the world, in their own life, will be feeling the deep desires of achievement, the power to create without hesitation, communicate in the terms of their nature, transmute the old and deliver a new structure, if necessary, will be prevalent. I encourage the thoughtfulness of mirth so seriousness does not get in our way.

Looking at the Sabian Message for the Sun and Moon gives us an insight for initiating and planting the seeds of this month ahead. It reads, “A mountain pilgrimage.” Awareness is a quality that will aid our pilgrimage up the mountain of our personal and worldly intentions. It calls us to a sacred intention. It encourages us to wander through the fields of our mind and the cliffs of our adventures to expose the motivation we carry within our mind, heart and soul. This New Moon provides us with a power to be saturated with our Peak Desires accomplished as we traverse the month ahead. How will the other planets help us?

Venus calls for us to be aware of our visions, desires and unity with others. Are those we meet supporting the vision of our pilgrimage? Or are we all in the display of only our self is important and all other communication is unworthy of our listening.

Mercury will provide communications with the angels that call us to the attention of higher purpose and communication with others that is interdependently supporting the greater good that will be known at the top of the mountain. May we not be “harpies” to each other, trying to get all to pay attention to our way only. We need to communicate within the bounds of knowing we never climb a mountain alone, we need assistance and listening to another persons venture may help us clarify ours.

Saturn provides us the action of purpose with the seriousness to achieve with the intention to be successful. But in its position in Capricorn it wants again calls for a group of people to go together on the journey…one supporting others, others supporting one. A gift to create and accomplish our achievement requires others to help us move through pathways of life. Party together. Celebrate each others journey.

Pluto continues to ask us to make a sacrifice of the old realities. To rise like the Phoenix and hear the choir of angels singing out in a revelry that celebrates our sacrifices and power to life our voices together to great the sound that delivers the light of a new reality.

It is important that we take a look are our Natal chart and the conjunction we have with the patterns of this New Moon. All of these planets will grace my 8th and 9th house, allowing for a deeper union with the mysteries of the Universe and then stirring the elements within me to achieve a higher level of my spiritual consciousness (a never ending quest). What does it offer to you. This is a field of energy that will have a great effect on you.

There are no planets in retrograde at New Moon. Saturn is settling into Capricorn and will continue to influence us in this field for the next two to two and ½ years. This of Saturn as the hooves of the goat in movement. Climb your mountains with integrity, rich intentions, determination and devotion to a higher expression.

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