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Cosmic Influence -New Moon February 15, 2018


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Cosmic Influence -New Moon February 15, 2018

At 2:05:06 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, the New Moon is in exact position with the Sun in the Sign of Aquarius. They are at 27 Degrees, 7 minutes. Mercury is also moving through the final stages of Aquarius right along with them at 25 Degrees 49 minutes.

We have a blessing of this New Moon to finish what we began just before we enter the ocean of Pisces. With the Mercury aspect of being mentally attentive, it behooves us to remember this quality when we start dipping into the illusionary patterns that Pisces can bring. We can choose to use the greater wisdom of Pisces: to find our sacred self, understand we are all one, with compassion celebrate each other in this vast ocean of life, and finally to remember to live sacredly and wisely as the master we truly are.

The wisdom of the Sabian message of the Moon and Sun, “A tree felled and sawed,” indicates a completion and reward of a task. It is a here, now, and a future blessing to occur (most definitely an Aquarius messenger). The tree sawed may provide fuel in our fire pit, the frame of our future home, perhaps a beautiful art piece, or a utensil to be used for our daily needs.

At the same time, the tree “is felled” can reveal something dying and being chewed up (saw) in a cruel manner or deadly expression. We will have to reach into blessings in order to know how to use this field of consciousness. What ever is preparing to be felled, we have the power to reach a greater insight (Aquarius = Transpersonal Intelligence) and transform the reality (death) into the compost of a rich fertilizer to create something new.

With Mercury aligned in the field with the Sun and Moon, we can hold a focus, such as suggested in the Sabian message of the quality of “A hydrometer .” This instrument measures density of fluid, most often water. Thus, we need to measure, with a clear focus, that which drives our emotions (water), our inner creative voice (water), and our intuition (water). What must we measure? Whatever is holding us in rigid thinking/emoting. For if we continue to hold on to the old, we become the individual whose head (old thinking) is cut off, but regrows in the very same manner (such as the head of Hydra of Greek Mythology).

We have an option to remain suspended or to measure our emotions and our intellect to recognize how we are using them. We have the option to remain focused on our higher intentions so we can dip into the sacred ocean of wisdom as Mercury, the Moon and the Sun prepare to enter the slippery field of Pisces. Or, we remain in the power of indifference and get swallowed in illusion and the ocean of a negative collective consciousness.

Illusion or creativity. Ignorance or Intelligence, we are on the precipice of choice. Will we remain frozen mentally and emotionally, and unable to make a change? Or, will we use the power to create something totally different (Venus in Pisces) and reverse the trend of old thinking and feeling (Neptune in Pisces), and heal that which ails us (Chiron in Pisces)? Will we use the challenge of Jupiter to transform?

Jupiter is in Scorpio challenging the Moon, Sun, and Mercury. The benevolent energy of Jupiter is contracting into the darkness of Scorpio, yet willing to grab the power of wisdom that can agitate us to the moment of change. Will we use the bite of the snake to make the choice to discontinue the poison of challenges? Will we use the power of the Phoenix to rise up within through the wisdom of change and birth a new realty? Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) passing through Capricorn will give us a kick of positive energy as Jupiter presents the growing vibration of options and opportunities as it arcs light to Pluto. I see this as an opportunity to use that blessing of the Phoenix and rise well over the mountain of our challenges. Let’s achieve it together! We can.

Mars in Sagittarius is presenting a challenge to Neptune drawing attention to the power to clean out, clean up and reverse the tends that stifle us. Mars is calling for our heads to be in focus while our eyes see what the Divine intention truly is. Will we respond to the gifts of cycles and phases of the ever moving Moon Nodes? Mars is calling us to take hold of the wisdom of Self Dominion (connecting to the North Node in Leo) and stand out with our talents. At the same time, Mars is asking us to recall that we know how to do this with others (connecting to the South Node in Aquarius) and use the transpersonal wisdom of wholeness. The call is filled with grace and opportunities to grow, expand and move beyond a limited “I am a victim and no one sees me,” that Mars can generate in the field of challenge. We are in charge of our reality, thus, we can choose how to use this powerful energy.

Saturn in Capricorn is being blessed by the nurturing and creative element of Venus in Pisces. May we all dip into the water and return to our Earthly state with the blessings of sacred wisdom leading our stamina, sturdiness, and stubborn ability to achieve what is the plan of our soul.

Blessings of the New Moon,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D., D.D.

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