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Cosmic Influence - New Moon December 17, 2017


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Cosmic Influence - New Moon December 17, 2017

The final New Moon of the year occurs at 11:30:20 p.m. Mountain Time. It ends the year and begins the year as the lunar cycle reaches into January. It is delightful to see that the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus and Mercury (retrograde) in Sagittarius. As we delve deeper into holidays, we have this benevolent influence of Sagittarius to lead us through activities. Perhaps we might call this the Santa Claus energy and discover that giving and receiving is a joyful blessing. Most certainly, a desire to honor the sacred time of year will fill your mind and heart with the union of these planets in Sagittarius.

While Mercury is retrograde, I would remind you to pause and think before you act, speak or even buy gifts. You want clarity in all areas. Mercury retrograde can create disjointed thinking. To be aware helps you use the reasoning and sympathetic skills of Mercury and Sagittarius. To fall asleep simply assists in making challenges more prevalent.

The loving nature of the union of the Moon and Venus will surely help as initiating energy of the lunar cycle. A little more yielding to the needs of everyone may help any rigid need to take control or act as the controller of all activities.

The Moon connected to Saturn can create prominent feelings of belonging within the circle of family. May you use a pattern of inner strength and determination that guides you through joy rather than feeling you must defend yourself within or struggle with disappointments within your family dynamics.

A note about Saturn: It is at 29 degrees 46 minutes within the Sagittarius zodiac of lights. It is at a prominent position that calls us to attention as it finishes it journey through this zodiac. Have we learned what it provided during this cycle? This alignment over the past 2 + years has asked each of us to evaluate our desires, seek to know the truth within our personal drive to succeed, and to be careful not to be such a task master that we forget the power of benevolence. This cycle has guided many through educational programs, self discovery beyond the confines of our every day experiences, and a quality to breakdown old boundaries. Saturn is moving toward the zodiac sign of Capricorn. It will be at home, comfortable and aiding the power of a new regime of rules and regulations. Will they fit our psyche or create more of a fluster? Will the directions of our Laws change for the better that we may get to the top of the mountain? The turn of achievement may be great if we, the human self, has made the turn upward into our spiritual domain and are willing to draw into our earthly domain the higher wisdom. We must be as patient and as adept as the mountain goat…persevering to reach the highest qualities within and reflect it to all.

Let the Moon and Sun connection fill you with the light of joy and new adventures as you prepare to be with family and friends during the weeks of sacred holidays and opening the doors to a New Year! Perhaps the Sabian message can spirit ideas within you.

The Moon and Sun unify at 26 degrees 31 minutes of Sagittarius. This benevolent sign does ask of us to enter the field of holidays with a loving, caring, and honor for all. It calls us to be alert to the power and gifts we can share and gamble on the goodness of others. Take a risk and enjoy. The power of these two heavenly lights are supported by Mercury Venus and Saturn all in the pathway of Sagittarius and willing to initiate goodness a few days before Winter Solstice and Christmas. The Sabian message, “A gypsy coming out of the forest,” reminds us of coming out of the dense thickness of our mind, and into the free realm where we can use our passion, our willingness to wander about our world and be seen. Carefulness is necessary. For remember, gypsy’s have a reputation of being gay and passionate as well and representations of fraud, lies, thievery, and overall a dark part of the mind. If we are going to bring those qualities of our self out into the open, may it be to clear and revitalize our higher self. Let us be gay and merry, but not thieves, liars, and filled with prejudice. May we use the wisdom of being aware, opening to flexibility, and leave our mark upon the world with the blessings of knowing our future is carved out with positive event, prosperity to be experienced, and creative powers to be used. No need to take from others for what is within us will bring the rewards.

May we not allow old wounds to surface as Chiron is challenged by the Sun, the Moon, and Venus. May allow ourselves to move forward and upward in the knowing that the past is done and new beginnings are stirring. We can create, we are creators, and we will create our out come for this lunar month and move into the new year with our own gift and manifesting in tact.

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