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Cosmic Influence - New Moon April 15, 2018


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Cosmic Influence - New Moon April 15, 2018

“Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.”

—Sabian Message of Moon and Sun conjunction

This quote is most important for the Lunar Month ahead. It is our opportunity to use a very special and natural quality of the Divine and our self: Imagination! I encourage everyone to dip into imagination and “see” the world its new garden of peace, love, and harmony. Let’s imagine into Being what the Divine is constantly imagining. We are the partner of the Universe that must bring it into Matter.

New Moon time brings the Moon and the Sun to 26 degrees and 2 minutes of Aries. As we finish the cycle of Aries, we are given a boost of energy to keep moving forward as Spring unfolds and Summer is a wink of a promise.

I have been inspired to share this cosmic influence of the heavens in a different way. Each Planet and Zodiac sign have a special revelation of Universal Laws. I am going to speak of the waves of energy we have to use while each light in the heaven arcs lights to us with those laws aiding our journey. As you read, think of how you will use the cosmic energy.

The Sun, Moon, Uranus, and Mercury are all aligned in Aries. (Mercury is stationary, ready to go into its direct field of forward motion). Aries activates the Law of Worldly Development. The Sun vibrates the Law of Regeneration. The Moon sends signals of the Law of Wisdom. Uranus arcs the energy of the Law of Love and Mercury sends the vibrations of the Law of Expression. The first three send opposing rays of energy to Earth in Libra. Earth vibrates within the Law of Completion and Libra releases the energy of the Law of Cause and Effect.

Oppositions create a teeter-totter effect. We oscillate back and forth in decisions. Oppositions often create challenges in relationships (lovers, friends, business partners, bosses, etc.). Looking at an opposition can seem daunting. However, it is also a time to be up high and see a bigger pictures (especially when we are about to develop a new reality in our world), and be down low to recognize what the details are needed to complete the project and obtain the right effect intended.

Thus, when we look at the Moon, Sun, Uranus, and even Mercury (though Mercury is not in opposition of the Earth on New Moon Day), we can get a bit of wisdom to consider how we are developing our world. The Moon is radiating wisdom for developing our world. The Sun provides the regeneration of our thoughts and feelings to refine what we are developing. Uranus, brings the power of unexpected ideas and through the pathway of unconditional love, provides a way to deeply care about what we are developing. Mercury asks us to express what it is we want and be willing to remain on the move to obtain it. The receptive Earth is saying, pay attention to what you are doing for you are working with the power to Cause a Great Effect. In fact, Earth Mother is requesting that we don’t just think about our self (Aries) but we consider All our Relations (Libra; and Uranus). She is also reminding us that when all comes to fruition on the Earth, a completion occurs and if we don’t get what we want, we may just decide we have to live with what has been carried out.

Of course, helping energies are available. Venus is the carrier of dual laws: The Law of Imagination and the Law of Attraction. She is a very important component of this monthly Sabian Message. She radiates a light of opposition to Jupiter (Retrograde) in Scorpio. Jupiter activates the Law of Contraction and Expansion, while Scorpio releases the Law of Transformation. Jupiter, retrograde, is in the contraction state sending forth the vibration to consider what needs to be transformed. By using all of these together, we are called to be attentive to our imagination and realize how important it is to be the vision of what we truly want. Venus’ additional gift is her movements through Taurus, The Law of Life Mastery. We can master our blessing of creative imagination and know that we can imagine a greater good for self and all others. Yet her clue is the Law of Attraction as it reveals what we vision we must deeply feel in order to allow the forces of union that are activated to be exactly what we are visualizing. In the teeter-totter event with Jupiter/Scorpio, we can get to the depth (Scorpio) of what needs to be transformed, grasp the wisdom of that with Jupiter’s return from the inner psyche, and use our imagination at its greatest height and with determined mastery to bring forth what we desire.

Saturn, Mars, and Pluto offer more support for the purpose of the Lunar Month. They all travel through the Capricorn field. Capricorn carries the Law of Living. Activating the power to live on all dimensions and claim the dimensional gifts in our personal world are the Laws of: Universality (Saturn), Purification (Mars), and Soul Evolution (Pluto). They are receivers of the an arcing light of Venus in Taurus. It is called a Trine, Grace of the Divine, and freely flowing blessings. We can see every one and everything (Capricorn) living in union (Saturn), clearing out the old (Mars), and allow the soul evolution of our Collective soul (Pluto) to shine and move through the shadows of challenge.

Neptune and Chiron reside in Pisces. Neptune releases the energy of the Law of Reversal and Reflection to Jupiter sending the Law of Contraction and expansion through the blessings of the Trine effect. Pisces is the Law of Life Death and Rebirth. Obviously, as Jupiter receiving the law from Piscean energy, activates transformation, goes through the process of letting go (dying) it will rebirth and reverse the trends of collective consciousness to be able to reflect the Divine Course of living.

Chiron carries the dual laws of Change and Destiny. Also vibrating with the Law of Life Death and Rebirth (Pisces) she forms a union with Mercury in Aries (Expression and Worldly Development) and a challenge occurs with Venus as Mercury (and thus Chiron) create the semi-square of needles pricking consciousness. They exude an energy that irritates enough that a change can occur and a new destiny can be mastered as it is formed in our imagination and calls forth the attraction of success in our world.

Enjoy contemplating what is available for you as you enter into the lunar month, seed it with desires, develop, cultivate and grow your desired outcome by initiating your intent at New Moon and developing it throughout this lunar month.

Love and blessings,
Rev. Katherine Bell, Ph.D.,D.D.


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