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Cosmic Flow - New Moon December 28-29, 2016


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Cosmic Flow - New Moon December 28-29, 2016

The release of New Moon energy begins at 11:53:07 pm Mountain Standard Time. The Moon and Pluto are the most active planets arching lights to other planets. Thus, I will speak of their cosmic workings.

Wow, this will be a month of continued emotional challenges. Each individual must be aware of emotional over-reacting to others. As we often say, “Don’t take things personally.” Open to the greater purpose behind changes that offer a transmutation of your life–a perfect turn around to new expression and experiences.

The Sun and Moon, of course, dance hip-to-hip in Capricorn. They open the doorway to the Dream Master who can create a year of successful achievements. The Sabian message is, “Birds in the house singing happily.” Awesome. May you all sing from the inner house of your higher being. May what you feel (Moon) be brought to the Surface (Sun) and direct you to a higher wisdom (Moon and Sun) that will guide your year of intentions. May you regulate your life to perform at your highest intentions (Capricorn), and open to renewing your life path.

As the Moon touches each planet it will bring these gifts or challenges:

As it conjuncts the Sun, it brings home your higher intentions to achieve. Do not be narrow minded as the doorway of new expressions of self are occurring with this conjunction.

As the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Capricorn your intuition and imagination will guide your visions for the year ahead. You will speak with feeling and may indeed open your intuitive powers to read others thoughts. Be of good care…make sure you do this with awareness of what you may learn. Some thoughts of another are most certainly none of your business. Some may help you communicate with clarity.

As the Moon is in a chipping challenge with Venus in Aquarius, be cautious. Your emotional responses may effect your relationship with others. Your emotional needs may challenge your communication with others. This goes both ways, so be aware of what is being shared so you do not create conflict and challenges that drive you into a spiral of emotional beliefs in your wounded self rather than recognizing the truth in the doors of opportunities opening to a more refined and reflective power from within.

As the Moon connects with Mars in Pisces, the doorway of creative qualities may be released. Don’t let the quick release move so fast you don’t capture the inspiration. Let the doorway of your ambitions choose to use the wisdom of creative qualities you carry as internal blessings that desire to be manifest. Look for opportunities to that help you achieve your ambitions.

As the Moon connects with Neptune in Pisces, the opportunities continue to guide you through the doorways of spiritual intentions and living the sacred self. Wisdom and New Births of your most holy expressions can move forward.

The Moon and Pluto in Capricorn glide in a flow of togetherness. If you use this union wisely, you will balance your emotional self and move into the transmutation of your higher purpose. If you let the emotional flood of discontent capture you, you will continue to cover the powerful gift of your soul in evolution toward a higher intent.

Pluto’s glide to unify with the Sun in Capricorn is creating obsessive-compulsive actions that can throw you into a downward spiral of separation and intolerance. Or, it can call you to the blessing of the soul voice that guides you to achieve the union with your higher self and reach for the accomplishments of your soul purpose.

As Pluto uses the favorable side of Mars in Pisces, creative power can lead you to ideals that the Universe is calling forth to manifest in the world. You will use the energy to build positive explorations of others as they uncover their soul intention. You can be a good partner supporting change.

Pluto experiences a challenge with Jupiter in Libra. You will struggle with relating with the need of your partner or spouse as they are called to expand their personal intentions. You may feel as though you have to control outcomes. Relax, allow and transform with your partner or spouse. You will be showing them your changes as well…support the change together.

Pluto is also in a challenging arc of light with Urania in Aries. Oh, darn, things happen quicker than you want as changes occur. However, use this wisely and the freedom to explore new regions of life open for you. Take care of your own life before you think you must take care of the world at large.

Pluto receives graceful opportunities of Neptune in Pisces. Tempering the need to act irrationally (and hopefully move out of illusions), Neptune can guide the great transmutations of life through the sacred flow of Divine guidance. Spiritual/Mystical reality increases. Are you ready to cross that veil or will your remain in the victim consciousness, illusional experiences and delusional attitudes?

This is a gift of awareness that guides you to make right choices and live within the potential of directing your attention to a higher order of being with the discipline to achieve it (Saturn in Sagittarius).

May the flow of this New Moon activation guide you to utilize universal energy with a conscious intention to advance rather than dive into a darker reality!

Blessing for a great beginning of a new year.
Katherine Bell, Ph.D, D.D.

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