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Cosmic Exposure - New Moon - May 15, 2018


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Cosmic Exposure - New Moon - May 15, 2018

At 5:47:40 a.m. MDT, the exact position of the New Moon occurs. The Moon and the Sun come together at 24 Degrees, 36 Minutes of Taurus. You may feel well grounded, delighted in the growth of our plant world, looking into what money you have to spend, how great you feel about yourself and others, and what wisdom might lie beneath your consciousness.

The two luminaries are arching light to Mars in a favorable way, making things occur with ease. Mars is in Capricorn in a impulsive 29 Degrees 43 Minutes (getting ready to make a change and move into Aquarius). It is a potent time, with critical moments occurring, and can create a fervor of action. We could say an attention-getting moment is about to happen in the world.

The Sabian Messages for this connection are: Sun and Moon reveal, “A large well-kept public park,” The Sabian Message for Mars states, “Directors of a large firm meet in secret conference.”

May all of us feel the beauty of the Earth through the beautiful park…a place of peace, and a place of healing. May we all radiate the healing and nurturing energy into the realm of the Directors of all large firms, including our government (Capricorn) as Mars activates purification, creative ideals, and new methods for moving through great challenges. There is a sacred wisdom in Mars in this last phase, it is the blessings of releasing Hidden Powers of the Soul. These three bodies of action are in a positive alignment and open to receive the Grace of the Divine, thus higher inspiration. May all feel the healing and the hidden powers of one’s soul be revealed.

Not often am I called to look at the Vertex in a chart, but today I was. This is an activation of energy that calls us to make a change, or to turn in a new directions. The Vertex is called a field of Destiny or the Turning Point. The Vertex at New Moon is 29 Degrees 24 Minutes of Libra. The waves of energy of the Moon and Sun are arching the energy of a quincunx with the Vertex field. This is a difficult aspect. Communication is not clearly understood or heard (what one arch of light is trying to express within the imprint is not well understood by the other point of light). It is like being in a wind-tunnel with wind whirling through it while you are trying to talk to someone. They can’t hear you and you can’t hear them. It is a call to lend your mind and feelings into a focus and allow communication to develop and become an understanding of differences. This vibration is a “frustration” element that gets stirred as the feelings of being pushed into something one is not ready to deal with comes through. It can create a feeling of being obligated to perform when you are not ready. Indifference, complacency and indecision become the action of inactivity. Adjustments are needed. Considering this alignment, reviewing the Sabian Message of the Sun and Moon, and adding the Sabian Message of the Vertex, “ Information in the Symbol of an Autumn Leaf,” I realize what is being exposed to humanity, if we will just listen. This message is reminding us of the time of Autumn when we note things are ending and letting go is important. Both Taurus (Moon and Sun) and Libra (Vertex area) are fields that work with relationships, very intimate relationships. However, there is more to this relationship message that concerns our worldly relationship.

As we noted with the Sun and Moon, a well-kept park is before us, however, the message of Mars indicates a secret conference is taking place, and a worldly relationship is called to find the Grace of the Divine in Action. Yet, we must first be open to listen, feel and let go of the past so we may Turn About in New Directions.

The Vertex has other alignments for us to consider as well. Mars is in a strong challenge with the Vertex. Thus again we see that we may need to activate changes through great difficulties. Both Mars and the Vertex are at 29 Degrees in the cardinal signs of Capricorn and Libra. This is considered a prominent point of energy, and called “Critical”. The degree calls for a turning point and a need to bring something into prominence. Again, looking at the Vertex message of the symbols of an autumn leaf, we are perhaps called to the moments of augury (looking at the leaf’s symbols) to determine what we need to let come to an end in relationships (Libra) so something can emerge in the powers that be (Capricorn holding the message of Large Corporations, Governments, and the highest order of Spiritual achievement).

The Vertex is being activated by Pluto in Capricorn (Retrograde) in a challenging vibration as well. Deeper transformation is needed in order to make the turn. Pluto is a vibration of transmutation, changing something so completely we do not recognize what it was before this time. It is an evolutionary vibration as well and so the challenge is to call the old relationships to absolutely make a change that is so completely transformed we will never see it as it was again.

In the power of another field of energy activating the Vertex we find Venus in Gemini sending the vibrations of Grace and Love and open communication (Gemini and Libra are signs of communication). It is a call to recognize that it is time to fully discern what the blessings of change can be. It is a vibration that reminds us we are at a turning point and we have the gift of Choice within ourselves to communicate the benefits that change can offer. In fact, change can present a greater unification than separation. Venus heralds the power to put worthiness in balance with the worthiness of another. Venus turns are awareness to what we can create of the true, caring, and cultivating desires of the World Soul, the Anima Mundi; as well as our personal soul.

And finally, I will speak of the Vertex being activated by Uranus as the form arching lights of opposition. Uranus is also at 29 degrees in Aries. Aries is the field of a single being while Libra is a field of one other. Uranus is a field of a Group while Libra often is a sharing between two. Uranus/Aries are risk takers and can be explosive, while the Vertex in Libra, calling for a change of the old, wants to please and be sure the change is for the better of all. When these fields in opposition join forces, they reveal a bit of a struggle before the changes can occur, but they will occur! Uranus calls for the freedom and renewal of the Soul and the Vertex calls for the old patterns be reviewed before jumping into new action.

I am going to stop at this point of the Cosmic Exposure notes today, leaving more to your contemplation. But, I offer one additional thought pattern. As I wrote this I was in the awareness the meeting that will take place by the Head of America and the Head of North Korea are in our consciousness as we enter New Moon–a time of initiating. May the meeting be a true message of leaving the old patterns through the agency of truly listening to each other, and creating the New Garden of Life. May each of us listen to the higher frequencies of the Universe asking us to come to a turning point in relationships and create the change that brings forth harmony, justice and freedom for all. May we all focus on True Peace.

May we all be alert to new beginnings as we continually let go of the old patterns. It is a glorious time to recognize what is happening and keep a clear vision of patterns that support the Anima Mundi…for it supports our soul!

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